Commissioning Management

The commissioning company has a major role in any building as their independent input helps all concerned focus on the performance of each system. The commissioning manager plays a vital part in bringing all concerned parties to the table and ensure that the various systems are coordinated ready for start up and commissioning. The commissioning manager will schedule the trades so that upon initialization all interconnections, integration or interfaces with other trades are considered and incorporated within the start up process. The commissioning manager can be appointed at the design stage to review the commissionability of each system, value engineering and hoe maintainable the actual design solution will be.

OTEC provide a fully independent Commissioning Management Services which offers the following:

  • HVAC Commissioning Design Assessment
  • System installation and commissioning-ability assessment and monito
  • HVAC Commissioning method statement
  • Coordination and witnessing of Testing and Balancing
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Test witnessing
  • Verification of test documents
  • MEP site coordination