HVAC Testing and Balancing

Independent testing, adjusting and balancing of HVAC system components in compliance with international standards, to the design parameters and to the approval of the client. OTEC offer a comprehensive service for all HVAC system including Air Conditioning, Chilled Water and Domestic Hot and Cold Water services, for newly build and refurbishment. In addition, site surveys and troubleshooting can be undertaken, including acoustic and environmental testing.

HVAC Systems typically use sophisticated, automatic control to supply the proper amount of air for cooling, heating and ventilation in commercial buildings. Problems encountered during installation, operation and maintenance of servicing of the HVAC system could prevent it from operating as designed. There for each system has to be tested to ensure its initial and continued performances.

In addition to provide optimal thermal conditions and balanced ventilation, a properly adjusted and balanced system can also reduce operating cost and increase equipment life.

Our Testing and Balancing report provides a complete record of the design, preliminary measurements and final test data. The report includes any discrepancies between the test data and the design specifications, along with reasons for those discrepancies.